Adelaid & David whose differences can’t divide them & family binds them

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Adelaid & David have surprisingly different religious and political beliefs.

David is a traditional Christian while Adelaid is an atheist. They didn’t vote for the same political candidate. Despite these major differences, their love works because they are accepting & respecting of their differences.

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Evelyn & Martin beat the odds starting in NYC

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How do you meet the one in a city as busy and crowded as NYC?

The answer is simple. You don’t look for it. It finds you.

Evelyn and Martin met years ago in NYC each casually dining with friends at the German restaurant, the Heidelberg. Neither was looking for love but always kept an open mind and heart despite having previous marriages that didn’t work out. They kept busy with their own careers and when the opportunity came to enjoy themselves, they took it!

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Stacy & Sam’s culturally blended wedding, King’s Party House, 7-28-17

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What do you get when you have an ocean between two people, five years of time and completely different cultural backgrounds?

An epic love story for today’s millennials!

Stacy is a local from, , in western New York and Sam is from a small town called, , in Nigeria.

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Joanne & Bob’s Prince-themed Chapel Hill wedding, 7-9-17

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“I want a Prince themed wedding! Prince is so amazing!” Joanne says.

The beautifully resilient bride-to-be is officially in her fourth marriage and knows exactly what she wants in her wedding.

The late singer, song-writing legend, Prince, spoke the word of God knocking door to door. He was very outspoken about his Christian faith.

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