Pricing & FAQs

PRICING: What does a wedding officiant cost for a civil wedding ceremony?
Whether it’s an elopement wedding ceremony or a traditional civil wedding ceremony, I charge a flat fee of $600.00 This includes the cost to travel to all wedding venues within 10 miles and customization of the ceremony.

SERVICE LOCATIONS: Basically, I love what I do and will travel anywhere! I began Rosewater Rituals in 2017 in Rochester, New York and am always happy to fly back for a wedding ceremony in Rochester and the surrounding area. I am currently located in Denver, Colorado. I also serve Denver and all the surrounding areas within Colorado state. I am also happy to fly out of state or to your destination wedding outside the country. We can discuss reasonable travel expense coverage for your wedding. 


What’s your approach in conducting a wedding ceremony?
My approach is to personalize your ceremony and bring your modern day love story to life in a meaningful way that you and your guests will always remember. I enjoy getting to know you and bringing out the most important pieces of your modern day love story in creative ways while honoring your traditions and beliefs. The ceremony is truly the heart of your wedding. I want to honor your past, present and future and make everyone feel connected to who you are as people and what makes your modern day love story miraculous!

What if we want a religious civil wedding ceremony?
Most people these days lean more towards the spiritual, non-religious side but if you want to honor the legacy of religion in your family or maybe you do lean on the religious side, I love to honor those religious traditions as well. I can incorporate Christian prayers, Buddhist traditions and more. I seek to gain knowledge of world cultural and religious traditions and will incorporate them in your ceremony in a meaningful way.

Can you work with us if we don’t follow any religion?
Yes, we can definitely find many ways to give your ceremony a more spiritual feel of universal love than a religious feel. I enjoy writing poetry and can write a custom love poem. I can also incorporate any of your own favorite writings or share my library of resources with spiritual, non-religious poetry that you and your fiancé can choose from.

What’s the process?
Below is my 6-step process before your special wedding day. I make myself available so you can contact me from the first time we meet until the wedding. I truly love what I do so I’m available as a wedding planning teammate every step of the way!

  1. E-mail or phone contact-Just send me an e-mail or call me!
  2. Meeting face to face at a local café or coffee shop near both of us
  3. Letter of Agreement-a simple one page form formalizing our relationship, outlining the cost and service provided
  4. Questionnaire helping me get to know you on paper but I ask a lot of questions to get to know you in our first meeting face to face
  5. I write your love story-first draft-I usually share this with you in google drive via e-mail
  6. Revisions-we can revise numerous times all the way up until your wedding so you feel completely happy and know what to expect

When do you arrive to the wedding venues?
I arrive an thirty minutes to an hour before the ceremony to connect with the other vendors, understand positions and set up. I also greet you and we sign the marriage license before the ceremony begins. This gives us enough time to feel calm and prepared.

Who handles the marriage license for the civil wedding ceremony?
The couple purchases the marriage license from the local county authority. On the day of the ceremony, I meet the couple before the ceremony begins to sign the marriage license with any required witnesses. You take the marriage license and mail it to the local county office. The county office will mail their final, stamped acknowledgment to the address you provide.
Click here for more information on how to obtain a marriage license.

Can we write our own vows for our civil wedding ceremony?
Absolutely! The couple can write their own vows for the ceremony. You can include any readings you wish or not include any as well. I have a library of love poems and books if you choose to incorporate them. I can also custom write a poem for you. It’s all your choice in how you want to customize the ceremony.

How long is the civil wedding ceremony?
The ceremony is usually 20-30 minutes. I am happy to make it shorter if you want to get to the reception quickly.

What makes Rosewater Rituals by Shadi different from other wedding officiants near me?
I believe the ceremony is the heart of your wedding. Everything said and done at your ceremony has deep meaning and great purpose. I believe there is a non-physical world that rituals at your ceremony enter, a place for sharing your love, confirming your commitments and inspiring all your guests with faith in the power of love!