2019 Officiant’s Couple of the Year: Palwasha & Brandon, Honoring Traditions

Palwasha and Brandon met in Denver, Colorado. Their traditional American wedding ceremony included a warm welcome to guests from around the country, sharing their unique love story which included Brandon’s nickname for Palwasha, “Superwoman,” and Palwasha’s support for Brandon’s creativity and love for cats which led to creating the annual Snow Cats Convention-Denver

The ceremony also included laughter citing their inside jokes, praising their ability to give one another space to reflect when needed and their commitment to never give up.

Prior to their wedding, the couple honored an old Pakistani wedding tradition called a Mehndi. My niece was in town so together we entered the elaborately decorated bright celebration room. We were warmly welcomed to delicious chai tea, samosas and other delightful Pakistani foods. The couple’s loved ones performed various song and choreographed dance shows for them as we watched. At the end of the night, most people were on the dance floor.

Overall, Palwasha and Brandon’s wedding was a delightful 2019 wedding that honored both old and new traditions in two days. Today they live in Brooklyn, New York. What an honor to marry them!



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