What is Rosewater?



Rosewater or Gol-Ab in Farsi, the Persian language, was originally formed by steeping rose petals in water using clay pots to preserve the fragrance of the flower. Historically, the steeping process was created by the Persian scientist Avicenna and was later used by the early Romans. It was used for antiseptic properties, to beat stress and depression.

Historically and today, Rosewater is  used globally as a perfume in all major religious and spiritual ceremonies and for many purposes in every household. More modernly, rose oil derived from rosewater is  used to make perfumes and cosmetic products. A bottle of rose oil can cost between $7,000 to $10,000. The main market today for rose oil is a small city in Grasse, France and is used to make perfumes for major companies.

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Festival of Rosewater in Kashan, Iran