2021 Celebrant’s Couple of the Year: Christina & Michael

September 10, 2021
Knoebel Events Center
Denver, Colorado

The first time Christina and Michael met, they were kids in their early twenties.  Happenstance sat them at opposite ends of a restaurant table with family and friends. They hardly said a word to each other that night… It wasn’t time. They each had lives to live, experiences to have, relationships to go through, mistakes to make, and lessons to learn.  Through their successes and failures, they grew independent and strong.  Only then were they ready to meet again and discover this once in a lifetime kind of love which brought them to their wedding day. Their love story is truly inspiring of what comes with patience, positivity and destined connections. It was truly an honor to marry them in 2021 and feel the joy emanate from their togetherness.   

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