Adelaid & David whose differences can’t divide them & family binds them

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 3.32.39 PM.png

Adelaid & David have surprisingly different religious and political beliefs.

David is a traditional Christian while Adelaid is an atheist. They didn’t vote for the same political candidate. Despite these major differences, their love works because they are accepting & respecting of their differences.

They talk about everything! Yet they know when the talking about a hot topic where they have major differences ends. Neither one of them forces the other to hold their religious or political belief. Neither one of them forces the other to be a part of something that doesn’t feel right in their hearts.

Adelaid & David have deep rooted GRATITUDE for the simple magical moments in life reminding them they’re alive and lucky to spend another day enjoying the ordinary moments together.

They celebrate the simple moments with picnics in the park and swims in the nearby Canandaigua Lake every Sunday with their three children: one foster child, a child they have together and a child from Adelaid’s previous marriage. Their wedding ceremony was in the same outdoors pavilion by their favorite lake. Wyatt, their oldest son helped create the guest gifts, simple rocks gathered by the lake the same morning, marked Thank you for coming! with a sharpie and two hearts  next to David and Adelaid’s initials.

Heidi & Sydney, their younger daughters, gathered around them as they exchanged vows showing their union to truly be about the coming together of the whole family that works hard to be inseparable by any differences.

Have you had a relationship with someone who holds opposite political and/or religious beliefs?

Would you date someone with children from a previous relationship?

Please comment below. We would love to hear your ideas! If you don’t wish to comment, you can like this blog or share it with a friend. If not, we still love you and would love to see you visit our page again!




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