Joanne & Bob’s Prince-themed Chapel Hill wedding, 7-9-17

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 3.53.46 PM.png

“I want a Prince themed wedding! Prince is so amazing!” Joanne says.

The beautifully resilient bride-to-be is officially in her fourth marriage and knows exactly what she wants in her wedding.

The late singer, song-writing legend, Prince, spoke the word of God knocking door to door. He was very outspoken about his Christian faith.

Joanne knew intertwining Prince’s spiritual message in the ceremony adds the spiritual element she needs to feel her beliefs are being represented.

How many brides-to-be are so bold and authentic?

Well, today’s weddings are really changing. Brides and grooms are choosing unique ideas for how they walk down the aisle, who they walk down with, what is said during a ceremony, rituals that take place and more.

Joanne chose to walk down the aisle with purple glitter woven throughout her hair, a purple flower decorated gown and the Prince song, ”  ,” playing as she walked down the aisle with      .

We used purple sand to represent the couple coming together into one family in a sand ceremony and Prince’s words to open the sermon,

” As Prince would say:

You’ve gotta have belief. It’s the only way to make it through this maze.’  “

We are living in a time, when more people like Joanne are choosing to express their beliefs in unique and non-traditional ways in their wedding ceremonies.

How do you want to express your beliefs uniquely in your wedding ceremony?

Please comment below. We would love to hear your ideas! If you don’t wish to comment, you can like this blog or share it with a friend. If not, we still love you and would love to see you visit our page again!

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