Elizabeth & Paul, Opposites Attract

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 3.53.34 PM.png

I often hear couples I marry say, “He is my quiet in the storm so our personalities mesh perfectly!”

This brings the question: do opposites attract or are similar personalities the way to go in modern day love stories?

Elizabeth and Paul met seven year before their marriage and have become best friends. They are true opposites in many ways and so their personalities compliment one another. Paul loves how Elizabeth makes him take a step back and make time for a plan to balance out his creative and impulsive ways of being. Elizabeth loves how Paul pushes her to not take things so seriously, live in the moment and take a deep breath stepping away from structure and routine.

“He’s so laid back, he allows me to relax and makes me laugh when a situation originally is not funny. Suddenly I find myself laughing,” Elizabeth says smiling.

“We have grown to love each other’s reactions to challenges life brings and learn from one another. I have honestly never gotten sick of him,” she continues.

Elizabeth and Paul show us that modern day love truly can be about accepting and learning from a different way of handling life as it’s handed to us.

How would you manage someone whose personality is completely opposite from yours? Would it frustrate you or could you learn from someone truly different in conflict-resolution styles?

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