Stacy & Sam’s culturally blended wedding, King’s Party House, 7-28-17

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What do you get when you have an ocean between two people, five years of time and completely different cultural backgrounds?

An epic love story for today’s millennials!

Stacy is a local from, , in western New York and Sam is from a small town called, , in Nigeria.

Her relationship with Sam starts online where she is quite skeptical of him at first.

Have you ever met a person online and they turned out to be a complete scammer or maybe someone less drastic yet surprisingly different from what they represented?

Today, online dating and connecting is getting to be more and more common. We no longer connect with the people sitting next to us or the neighbor as much as our parents use to. Getting online to make a connection means opening a world of love prospects and today’s couples are open to it.

While doing this, millennials know to be careful so Stacy took her time getting to know Sam over the course of 5 years very slowly. Their love evolved from a friendship and more when Stacy hopped on a plane to go to Nigeria to see Sam.

How many of us are willing to go to such distances for a love connection?

Today’s millennials are surprisingly brave while being aware of risks and taking safety cautions. They will talk to a stranger far away, look past skin color, religious and cultural differences and more.

Stacy and Sam bonded in their ability to communicate consistently and overcome challenges through time and distance. There love has a strong foundation of God as well.

Stacy enjoys learning Nigerian words and Sam is slowly assimilating to American culture, enjoying pizza and hot wings for the first time.

Have you ever connected with a stranger far away from a different cultural background?

What are your experiences as a culturally blended couple?

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