Shannon & Joshua say “I do” on the USS Little Rock


Joshua & Shannon are over ten years apart, Joshua being older, but you could never tell with these two being so perfectly poised and in tune with one another emotionally when we met.

Their loves brings a modern day question: Would you ever date anyone much older than you?

In modern day, the question of dating a person much older than you can go for either a woman or a man. Often the woman is much older as well. In any case, more and more folks seem to be saying age doesn’t matter anymore.

Hearing Joshua speak about Shannon more confirmed they are the perfect match, “She’s emotionally healthy and mature, grounded, smart and beautiful. We each had our own home and careers when we met which most women Shannon’s age don’t have until later in life. There are no major arguments and we have a healthy and mature relationship.”

Shannon continued about how most men her age were still in the bars and clubs partying while Joshua was settled and responsible.

Neither one of them want any more kids and Joshua has two from a previous marriage who enjoy times in the new home the couple shares. Besides sharing time with the kids, Shannon and Joshua now share a joint real estate investing venture so not only has their age difference not been an issue in their personal lives, it’s not an issue as they build their career together.

In their free time the two get along traveling, paddle boarding, jet skiing, attending comedy shows and more, all the while keeping their love light hearted with their sarcastic senses of humor.

Their wedding ceremony uniquely took place aboard the USS Little Rock at the Buffalo Naval Park honoring Joshua’s military background, definitely a modern day ceremony as those on paddle boats could see at a distance from the serene waters surrounding all their guests on board.

Ladies, under what conditions would you date a man 10 or more years older than you?

Men, under what conditions would you date a woman 10 years or more older than you?

Please comment below. We would love to hear your ideas! If you don’t wish to comment, you can like this blog or share it with a friend. If not, we still love you and would love to see you visit our page again!

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